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  Thank you for the help. I just drove our Jetta with the kit I purchased from you over 600 miles.

  From Becker Minnesota to Glendive Montana with about 500 lbs of cargo (myself, daughter,

  tools and luggage) and a mountain bike with child bike seat on it mounted on a trunk style

  carrier going 75mph with no problems.


   Michael, USA




I recently ordered a part, and wanted to provide some positive feedback, your service was outstanding.  Please feel free to use this as a customer testimonial if you would like?  

I recently phoned to inquire about a flange sleeve I needed to repair an older VW diesel.  Before calling,  I had already spoke with at least two other ?vw specialty? shops, and neither had any idea what I was talking about... one even suggested that I would have to remove the transaxle assembly and purchase a complete transmission seal kit.   Your sales department promptly returned my call, knowing exactly what I was talking about.  They spent a good 5-10 minutes on the phone with me, providing advice and checking to make sure the part was correct for my old rabbit.  I ordered the part that night, and it showed up on my doorstep two days later.  In fact, included with the sleeve was the final drive seal kit, provided free of charge.

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Not only was the customer service outstanding, the advice given was accurate? and I was able to replace the sleeve without removing the transaxle assembly - completing the entire job in less than an hour.   Thank you for the support and advice, it?s very much appreciated.  You can bet I?ll be calling back and referring others for any future vw transmission needs.   

-Jeremy, from CA,USA 



  Thank you Susan!  The parts did fit and I'm back on the road! 

   Your the greatest!    Roy,  Canada



  I saved $300.00 dollars on gear from you guys. Thank you!! 

  Mike, CA.



  I got the parts. the packaging was outstanding and the parts in excellent shape.

  You run a great business.

  Thank you much,




  Saved over 300 bucks with you! Thanks again

  John, from  MD,USA





   1-888-VW-TRANNY.COM Refurbished inner and outer syncro with clips and springs and  

    SELECTOR for $100.00. Everything went great thanks






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